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Testimonial: Injuries from being hit by vehicle

orangeflowerI have had good fortune to meet Pushpa Bansal at a health fair in Burlington one year ago. I stopped at her EFT booth to ask for help with back and knee pain.

4 1/2 yrs ago, I had been hit as a pedestrian while crossing the street, receiving fractures in both knees torn ACL and MCL in both knees ,fractured right ankle, broken and crushed right leg, fractured rotator cuff, crushed left upper arm.

Within a few minutes of EFT , Pushpa was connecting to emotional issues attached to pain area. In 10 min session she had released pain in knee significantly. Since the free session at the health fair I have had sessions with Pushpa.

EFT is tapping on the hands and body in a sequence while expressing your issues,feeling or pain. once the negatives are spoken, the positives are then tapped in. The sequence registers in the brain and body cells to instill the positives.

Eft has released pain, emotional issues attached to the pain and helped to release issues I thought were long settled. I left sessions feeling happier, light and pain free. Pushpa works with loving integrity. She is very intuitive, which aids in helping find the perfect sequence to release the pain, emotion, trauma being held in the body. Pushpa also helped me to manifest the perfect outcome to legalities from accident, by releasing my self defeating blocks of worthiness to receive.

I sincerely recommend this loving, caring lady .

Love and Light , Joanne MacDougall
Certified JIN Shin Acupressure practitioner, Reiki Master, IFT practitioner.


Pushpa is an intuitive Energy Shift Master, with NLP Master Trainer, EFT-Matrix Energetics and Meta Health expertise; she assists spiritual Women Entrepreneurs in creating a life that is Happy, Abundant, and Meaningful... Her unique approach to goal achievement blends practical, spiritual and energy healing shifts resulting in powerful transformations, their breakups change into breakthroughs and a visceral lightness of ‘being’, a true freedom occurs. By accessing her client's Akashic Records, she gives them their soul's blueprint and takes their attention to the exact pain point and helps them heal the trauma. Her clients call working with her, "Life Changing."

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