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Testimonial: Depression

Dear Pushpa, I am writing to thank you from the bottom of my heart and tell you how wonderful I feel. Before having a session with you I was feeling so down in the dumps and now, I am now feeling on the top of the world. I didn’t realize at the time I was suffering from depression. I was desperate and struggling for peace in my life. I now don’t dread getting up for work or going to bed. I have to say, please don’t be offended, I did at times felt self conscious of tapping and because you make me feel comfortable I knew I had to stick it out.
During the sessions, I went to some very dark places and I felt physical pain. I now know it was a journey that I needed to take to start my recovery. My general health has improved and my mental state is 100 % better than the past 2 years. At times I wanted to stop the sessions because of the physical pain during the transition and even though there were painful realisations, the sessions worked for me. I am glad you persevered with me with your kindness, I wasn’t an easy client. But, it certainly paid off, and I look forward to another set of sessions. You took me out of darkness into the light. Many thanks.
- Maureen, UK, via Skype


Pushpa is an intuitive Energy Shift Master, with NLP Master Trainer, EFT-Matrix Energetics and Meta Health expertise; she assists spiritual Women Entrepreneurs in creating a life that is Happy, Abundant, and Meaningful... Her unique approach to goal achievement blends practical, spiritual and energy healing shifts resulting in powerful transformations, their breakups change into breakthroughs and a visceral lightness of ‘being’, a true freedom occurs. By accessing her client's Akashic Records, she gives them their soul's blueprint and takes their attention to the exact pain point and helps them heal the trauma. Her clients call working with her, "Life Changing."

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