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Testimonial: Chakra Class

I've been meeting with Pushpa and a core group of women weekly to learn about chakra's. The classes have included not only wonderful resources and powerful medication exercises, but also powerful techniques that I can use everyday to energize and allow abundance. Pushpa is a wonderful teacher, not only knowledgeable, and wise, but also flexible, responding to our needs. She provides ten times the value of what she charges. She is a blessing to work with, creating a warm and safe space for us to heal and grow. Thank-you for all of your gifts and sharing your light!


Pushpa is an intuitive Energy Shift Master, with NLP Master Trainer, EFT-Matrix Energetics and Meta Health expertise; she assists spiritual Women Entrepreneurs in creating a life that is Happy, Abundant, and Meaningful... Her unique approach to goal achievement blends practical, spiritual and energy healing shifts resulting in powerful transformations, their breakups change into breakthroughs and a visceral lightness of ‘being’, a true freedom occurs. By accessing her client's Akashic Records, she gives them their soul's blueprint and takes their attention to the exact pain point and helps them heal the trauma. Her clients call working with her, "Life Changing."

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