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Success and Empowerment is a complete step-by-step system designed to take you by the hand without the fluff or shenanigans, and provide you with actionable steps and a building block of scripts and exercises to always keep you on top of your game.


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Attend a LIVE experience in self-empowerment preparing you to achieve total success in every area of your life. This step by step training will detail exactly how to get from where you are now to the better place you want to be. Take out the guesswork and leave nothing to chance.

If you're in business, learn the secrets to dominating any market and how to get an unbeatable edge.

Get a clearer understanding of how we communicate, how our mind processes information and how you can use this new knowledge to succeed in both life and business.

Build unshakeable confidence to take on any situation and easily change any negative experiences into positive states so you're always moving with forward momentum towards your desired results.

You will be able to apply what you learn to every area of life that you want to improve upon and get the specific outcomes you desire whether it be in business, life, health and relationships. Expect significant results.

Communicate confidently with everyone, guarantee the chemistry between you and others, and instantly be in an empowering, win, win situation.


Location Kiwanis Community Centre
Carlton St,
St. Catharines, ON


Oct 21, 2017


10.00AM to 5.00PM


$97 CAD (Reg. $199)


How this Training will Help You

Empower yourself with the secrets for a life of infinite potential and proven strategies. Strategies you can use to produce the results you want and accomplish your GOALS! Learn the language of the most successful people on the planet (Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, J.K. Rowling, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and Tony Robbins, are some of the people who use or have used NLP for their own development).

Here’s just a sampling of successes you can expect from this training

  • Allows you to communicate more effectively
  • Gain control over your automatic impulsive responses (behaviour)
  • Understand verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Process information better
  • Understand how the unconscious mind controls your actions.
  • Understand self, choices, behaviours, patterns, habits, thoughts
  • Get clearer about what you want and how to get what you want
  • Learn how to manage behaviour around you - disruptions, conflicts, surprises
  • Be the director of your life and find the path you’re meant to be on
  • Make the most of your connections and relationships at work, home and in community
  • Love your life, work, and relationships
  • Tune into your own thinking on a deeper level
  • Be a better persuader
  • Control what’s controlling you
  • Build rapport with anyone
  • Give up long held fears, anxiety and phobias
  • Overcome resistance, fears, procrastinating and limitations holding you back
  • Increase your performance
  • Find the right people to work with by understanding and reading people better
  • Enhance your sensory awareness
  • Let go of negative emotion and behaviours
  • Disconnect from past negative experiences holding you back

Your Trainer

pushpabansal-0aip-logoYour Trainer:
Pushpa Bansal is a certified NLP Master Trainer who trained directly under Dr. Matt James, one of the most highly sought after Master NLP Trainers in North America. She is certified and fully licensed to train both NLP and MER™(Mental Emotional Release process previously known as Timeline Therapy). She is accredited through Association of Integrated Psychology.

What You will Learn in this Workshop

Each Segment is different and will cover various foundational topics for NLP.
Pre-qualify to advance to a Level 1 NLP Certification training.


Key # 1

Reading Body Language and Visible Cues
Learn to read the Inner signals of the person you are interacting with. These techniques will give you confidence and will empower your talk with others. Learn to read other people and be able to adapt your responses and direct your conversation so it's always a win-win situation.

Key # 2

Creating Rapport with anyone
In every scenario, business or relationship, with your children or your boss; being in rapport with the other person will empower you at every level. You can put your point of view across without getting retaliation. You will always be the “go-to” Person, the problem solver, or trouble shooter. Because, let’s face it, being an excellent communicator, with empathy, is what everyone wants. If you are the boss, the mediator, or just amongst friends; you will be well-liked and considered approachable, you can direct people in the most positive way without getting opposition.

Key # 3

Learn How to Anchor Your Emotions
This is a very exciting session. You will learn how to anchor your certain emotions. Would you like to be positive or motivated or excited from lethargy, procrastination or negative mindset???
Learn how to anchor your emotions with simple anchoring, ring of power, and collapsing the older emotional patterns and gain a skill you wouldn’t want to be without. You will go home empowered, positive and knowing you can achieve incredible successes.

Key # 4

Buying Strategies and How to get the "Yes"!
This is a build up on previous learning. You will learn your potential client’s buying strategies just by asking a few
simple questions and observing the eye patterns.
Once you have learned and applied these strategies, you become more proficient at getting the “Yes” from your clients and will know it’s coming from your client’s heart, and you are not pushing your sales.

What is included in the Success and Empowerment System?

  • 4 detailed and helpful modules
  • 4 Awesome Bonuses (on-line) videos for you to practice the exercises
  • Workbook / manual

We will walk you through E V E R Y part of the process step-by-step… learning the basic premise of NLP, sensory acuity, rapport, the ring of power anchors etc. you will make great first impressions, learn when and how to create rapport and how to bring forward "best behaviour" to empower yourself.

Questions? See our FAQS below


Yes! It will.
You are reading this because you would want to make your life more successful and empowering. This course is designed keeping you and your needs in mind. It’s for all levels and especially for novices and beginners. Whatever,your level, you are going to learn and make new friends and have the opportunity to practice using the tools and techniques given.


No, not really! It only looks like it.

A path becomes clearer when a light is shined onto it, but that doesn’t mean people do it or understand it. You will be more conscious of how people react and what to do or say in those situations. The framework in this course allows you to be in awareness always, identifying and executing tactics perfectly each time.


I have been where you are, and I understand completely.

This means I understand all the intermediate steps in becoming empowered by mastering my behaviour. There will be deconstructed scripts and I will show you how to get results. There’s no fluff here, this is pure reprogramming the unconscious. You will learn to focus on the internal dialog of the person you are interacting with; which means, the body language, the eye clues etc. and then, you will know exactly what you can do and say with other people. It’s a win-win situation.


As-soon-as you start practicing the skills within the workshop. Over time, as you practice, practice, practice and make it second nature, you will find people want to talk to you and seek your opinion. You will know how to handle an awkward situation without breaking rapport.


It can be! Just pace yourself. That’s why, this workshop is designed as an introduction so you can learn the 4 keys to success and empowerment and then come back for the NLP certification course. We will have a very special discount for you and you will also have the opportunity to attend the ‘Supervision day,’ where you can practice with other workshop attendees.
When you were born, you could not speak, it took you sometime to master your mother tongue. Same here, this is the language of the unconscious and you will become proficient in no time.


You will have the 4 keys to success and empowerment with workbook/manual. You will also receive 4 bonuses – online access, to see the demonstration of these techniques whenever you want to reinforce the principles. There is an early bird price —– for you to take advantage of, and a generous discount for the followup practitioner certification course if you choose to continue. And lastly, a supervision day to practice the skills with other attendees and learn their success strategies in utilizing the skills.


That’s exactly where I started….

This is the language of the unconscious and it’s beneficial to build a solid framework. As we learn the four principals of NLP, the prime directives of the unconscious mind, the “communication model” and the presuppositions of NLP, our resistance from the conscious brain evaporates and it becomes co-operative and focused. In fact, as you start noticing the old patterns and thinking in others you become more and more confident in helping others and developing your success and empowerment.


This workshop introduces you to the foundational keys behind all success and empowerment strategies. When you know, understand and bring these keys into your day to day practice, you will begin seeing amazing results. Before taking an actual full certification training, having this key knowledge allows you to prepare for the path ahead. Even if you do not take the next step and dive deeper, you will have the 4 keys to help get you moving towards the success and empowerment you want in your life. Certification path builds on these core strategies towards peak performance in all areas of life.


This is life altering information. Expect to feel empowered. You won't leave the same way you came in. When I discovered that NLP was the secret behind the success of so many people I admired, I decided to learn it myself. It's been one of my best investments and has lead me down my exact path towards success. ~ Karen Hilts (Web Developer, NLP, Law of Attraction Practitioner, ACE Practitioner)

Upon completion of this NLP Introductory program you will qualify to move to the next level and be eligible to take the certification program in NLP to become an NLP Practitioner.



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