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Are you wanting to improve personally or professionally this year?

If you are wanting...

* to improve in areas of health, finances, relationships or business;
* a big breakthrough in your life;
* to make big changes in a relationship, improve finances or grow your business;
* to put health problems in the past;
* to be a better spouse, parent, employee, business owner, friend etc
* to break through obstacles, stress, fears, or pain holding you back from where you'd like to be
* to live your best life, gain fulfillment, feel good and be in peak performance.

Then you're EXACTLY in the right place.

Pushpa offers a variety of programs, workshops, events and coaching to meet you where you're at. Here's just some of the events being planned! Add your email to our list below to be first to hear about future workshops and events near you!

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  • Akashic Record Readings (Group or Personal) Discover your soul's purpose and learn more about your journey in life so far. Uncover the imprints left behind in your "Akashic Record" and see what it reveals about your past present and future. Gain answers to long held questions. Get a personal or group reading and take a journey of self discovery like you've never experienced before.  Learn more here..
  • Breakthrough Sessions (personal) Need to put some focus on yourself, overcome personal obstacles or improve the circumstances in your life around health, finances or relationships?  Breakthrough coaching sessions are the perfect private self-discovery opportunity awaiting you. Get private 1:1 attention to start living the life you want and breakthrough the obstacles holding you back from moving forward.  Learn more here...
  • Personal Health Coaching Sessions (personal) Need help to overcome a health issue around pain, stress, anxiety or trauma? Book a 1:1 personal session with Pushpa and gain incredible strategies to relieve the health issues your facing and clear out issues at their core.  Learn more here...