Pushpa Bansal

Are you in Pain, Stress or Trauma? Feeling Helpless?

Resigned to the fact that’s how it will be for the rest of your Life?

Why We Experience Pain...

When you feel pain
When we have the emotional trauma it becomes an intolerable stress in our life and manifests as disease and pain. Pain is the free radicles and toxins that we hold in our body.

We have been conditioned to alleviate the symptoms and numb the pain so we can get through our day. But what if there was a way to address the issue at it's core and rather then coping with pain, remove it altogether?

What if you could pinpoint the exact issues which are behind the pain you're experiencing and get the energy flow moving again. What if you could do this and never feel pain again?

Would you be open to that? How would this change your life?

Re-write your future, live your present and custom design your future.

As an Energy Shift Master I use techniques such as EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, META Health, NLP, Huna and other energy modalities. The combination of these alternative techniques allows me to work with you on finding, understanding and clearing out the underlying issue behind your pain problems. Unlike your typical and traditional medical experience, we will work on resolving issues from the inside out by communicating with your body on a deeper, cellular, energetic level to resolve whatever conflicts exist which are showing up as pain symptoms.

Even if, consciously, you are unaware of what those conflicts may be, we can work together at the subconscious level to clear them out.

What if all it took was having a conversation with yourself on a deeper level?

What if it was so simple that in just a few sessions, you could walk away pain free?

How would it feel to prevent or resolve issues because you've been armed with the right skills and knowledge?

Are Your Ready to Clear Your Pain?

If you're ready to say...

✓ Yes I’m in control!
✓ Yes I’m making my own reality!
✓ Yes, it is possible for me to custom design my future!

... Select a package option below to book your session(s) with me. Once payment has completed, you will be returned to the website to select a booking date and time.

Single Session
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3 Sessions / 1 hour each

Your progress and happiness is my progress happiness and contentment. Everyday we are evolving and everyday I want you to progress and feel empowered by exerting your control over your well-being. I feel super charged when working with my clients, helping you to release your emotional blockages.Clear the trauma = clear the pain = clear the stress = have a clear vision and confidence to manifest the future.

You are unique. You have a divine spark and once you are empowered, using these cutting edge energy techniques, you will lovingly restore your health and happiness.