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Are you struggling in any area of your life?

Do you feel like you never seem to reach your goals in any of these areas?

Does it seem like you’re repeating patterns or behaviours and can’t seem to break out of THE loop?

Breakthrough sessions may be for you!

Breakthrough sessions are powerful therapeutic processes.

They are based on Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy (MER) also known as Time Line Therapy® and Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP).

Breakthrough sessions are tailored specifically to you to help you gain control over your limitations in health, wealth or relationships. This can show up as destructive, negative emotions that are keeping your powerless, helpless and stuck. It could include overcoming fear and worry, releasing bad habits, improving performance, finding direction, building confidence, or becoming empowered.

You will let go of limiting decisions, such as:
“I’m not good enough,”
“I’ll never be rich.”
"I know I should but..."
"I really want to but..."
"I wish I could but..."

What Happens at an Unconcious Level...


Life events, thoughts and memories are stored in our unconscious mind. Our unconscious doesn’t know the difference between the past, present or if it is a projection of the future. Your thoughts and beliefs are more powerful than you may comprehend.

Fact is, we do not change our behaviour consciously - it takes place on an unconscious level.

Breakthrough sessions will help you change on that unconscious level. You will release the negative emotions easily and effortlessly and experience profound changes in many areas of your life.

You will communicate with yourself more positively and you will overcome your limiting beliefs.

Breakthrough is an Effective Method to Set You Free

This process is one of the most effective methods in helping you to remove existing barriers and release your trauma, stress, fears, worries and anxiety.

It can be used for almost all of the negative emotions you are dealing with such as depression, lack of confidence, fear or procrastination, enabling you to let go of your limiting beliefs.

Some examples of painful emotions are anger, rage, sadness, hurt, regret, fear, guilt and remorse.

When these limiting beliefs stop influencing your decisions (in every area of your life) you become powerful, confident, calm and positive about your choices.

How Breakthrough Works...

breakthrough2The Breakthrough Sessions will enable you to release a chain of emotion (gestalts) rather than one at a time.

For example, if you have an anger issue, Breakthrough Sessions will facilitate, release and clear all anger from the past and not just the anger attached to a particular event or memory.

It’s important to know that you are ONLY clearing the emotion attached to the memory or event and not the memory or event itself. Memories are our history and it is not appropriate or ecological to clear our memory.

You will let go of your anger from the root, enabling you to attach the positive, empowered emotions as the realization of your learning from that event comes in.

You feel you have the power to let go and move on which is why my motto is "Let Go & Grow".

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Are you ready for your Breakthrough?

Start BEING who you want to be, DOING what you need to do to get results and HAVING the life you want!

Improve Performance
Become more efficient
Let go of negative emotion
Stop Bad Habits
Create a compelling future
Improve relationships
Build Confidence
Gain sense of direction
Improve Health and Wellbeing
Overcome emotional issues
Get motivated, focused and empowered

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