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The Akashic Records lets you...

  • Connect to your higher purpose!
  • Find out what is triggering the confusion, dissatisfaction and turmoil in your life!
  • Discover what is blocking you from creating the fulfillment you deserve!
  • Move beyond your perceived limitations and start manifesting what you truly want!

What are Akashic Records?

Akashic records are the building blocks of your reality. Visualize a non-physical energetic library containing the history of your soul, every aspect of who you are currently and all your future potential. A book so large it can not exist in our earthly time and space, so it is recorded energetically in the Akasha.

Akashic Records contain the universal consciousness and allow us to interact with spiritual resource to ...
gain insight
and understanding of the soul's journey

Akashic Records brings spiritual awakening, empowerment, self worth & abundance. We access the records so that we may understand what choices we made that may have negatively impacted us today. These "energetic consequences" are called "negative blocks and restrictions". They literally block us from accessing our divine gifts and from living on purpose!

Accessing your records helps you to let go of this powerlessness and your old patterns, so new empowerment can emerge.

"We are not vibrationally alike, we all have our own unique energetic blueprint, - "our own spiritual DNA". You make informed choices that are aligned to your own divine nature."

Through Akashic Records you will discover & understand how you have created your present-life circumstances through your past choices. Your soul always wants to redeem and achieve the highest vibration of love.

Knowing is empowerment and allows you to expand and extract, from your experiences, all the learning as well as energetically clear the blocks and restrictions that are preventing you from accessing our divinity.

People are too busy "doing things" to take stock of their own life.

Either they are:
... too busy studying for education;
... too busy working paying bills;
... too busy raising children;
... or too busy caring for elderly parents;

It seems like "too busy people" are active with a purpose...

The sad truth is...

They are like passengers in a boat, without a paddle.

They have absolutely no idea and control over which direction to go or by what means. Being busy helps them to hide their lack of purpose or themselves, but in those rare quiet moments, that deep problem starts to surface.

First, it's gnawing at their consciousness and then it is like a faint tap, tap, tap, emanating from ones own body. It’s a feeling of yearning and impatience, and for majority of people it never gets vocalized. For the rest of their lives, when they smile, their soul is always burdened with the unspoken sorrow. They spend their life in permanent state of dissatisfaction.

For a blessed few this unspoken emotion of dissatisfaction gets louder and louder, like a prisoner trapped inside your heart demanding the release, banging harder and harder, until suddenly YOU wake up and say to yourself, “I want more from life. There is more to life than just getting by.”

Prior to birth we have an extensive, in-depth discussions with our guides and other souls with whom you will share your life. Akashic Records help you discover the real meaning of life for you – that you planned and what you have been working for many life times.


Individual Reading & Clearing
1 Person | Skype | $150 CAD
$150 CAD
1 Person

Per Session

Done over Skype

Include a clearing session (remove blocks)

One(1) Hour Reading

Book Group Reading
A fun party idea!
$300 CAD
For up to 6 people

Host a Group Reading at your home

Host(ess) is FREE

5 people plus Host(ess)

$60/pp or Split the cost

30 minutes /pp

1 Question Answered / pp

Done over Skype

Having Troubles Booking above?

Send Pushpa an email with your phone number to book a reading. All appointments must be made 3 days or more in advance of your session. Pushpa will contact you to book a day and time for your session.

Upon payment you will return to site to complete a short form to gather a few details and then book your date on our appointment calendar.

Upon completion of the above, your reading will be prepared; it’s a combination of automatic writing, images, a snapshot of your next 6-12 months and healing, how much purpose you have already activated.

Payments must be made at the time of booking.

All payments are non refundable as readings are prepared prior to the appointment. You may reschedule the reading date.

For in-person, I can travel 15 km. radius from my home for a Hosted Readings. Afterwards there will be travel charges. Specials on Skype (over internet) readings only.


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