Pushpa Bansal




Optimize Your Life

Are you overworked and tense? Do you find it impossible to relax even in bed at night? Are you overweight yet lack the will or power to loose weight? Do you find sometimes unable to cope with the dash and tumult of every day life? Are you irritable, worried and nervous? Are you plagued by indigestion, and other stress symptoms? Or do you simply seek something you know not what, but it goes above and beyond the superficial level of your everyday thinking?

Breakthrough awaits you.

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Akashic Readings

Discover your Divine Purpose.

Understand what is blocking you from creating the fulfillment you deserve! Learn how to move beyond your limitations, start manifesting the life you truly want, and redirect your future.

Book a reading and gain a deeper understanding of your life in the present and obstacles in your path of living the life you deserve.

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Clear Your Pain

Reclaim Your Health.

Discover the root cause behind your pain symptoms and clear out health issues which have been plagued you for weeks, months or years. Release yourself from pain restore your health.

Clear out any blocks created by past events that placed stress on your body and start living pain free.

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