Pushpa Bansal


EFT BONUS Tapping Sessions

Christmas EFT Tapping Sessions

This is part of a series of sessions for dealing with issues at Christmas season. You have access to these recordings for free for a limited time. If you wish to have unlimited access to sessions, become a member.

In this series, we will cover:

  • Indulging in Cravings at Christmas (EXPIRED)
  • Not being able to please everyone.(NOW AVAILABLE)
  • Credit Card Blues - Affording Christmas (AVAILABLE DEC 1)



NOW AVAILABLE: "I Can't PLEASE everyone at Christmas"

After the first Audio in playlist, watch the video below to learn the tapping points and more!

The 2nd audio references finger tapping points during the gratitude tap. This chart shows you the finger points to tap on.

The EFT Tapping Points Video