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Tired of feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious about your finances?

Are you excited for the future or do you spend your days in worry?

We have all experienced blocks to abundance. It can place stress on relationships, health, and our mindset. It can limit us and sap our lives of the joy we truly deserve.

But there' good news for those who choose to live differently. There is a way to move the blocks to your abundance and begin living a successful and abundant life.

Manifesting Abundance

Group Coaching Program

Begins Tuesdays starting Jan 10, 2017

8 week program plus live Q&A Webinar on March 28, 2017

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The Manifesting Abundance - Group Coaching Program brings together a community of likeminded people who all want to live a successful and abundant life, free from obstacles, stress, fears, or worry about their finances. Engage with your Coach and group members while learning strategies to attract abundance into your life.

The program offers teaching in basics of EFT, NLP, Huna and other alternative practices while providing support, inspiration and celebrations of your successes.

Join Pushpa and begin living the abundant life.

You will learn:

The true meaning of abundance. That it starts from the TRUSTING feeling from the heart and it can be cultivated. The visualization and tapping statement for this would be, “I love and trust my imagination.”

Why EFT is the art and science of opening your heart and validating your head making it a very potent tool. You will have advanced tools such as ~ Matrix Reimprinting, Movie techniques, Laser EFT etc.

You will learn the exercises to develop ‘The positive Attitude,’ and the ‘Attitude of Gratitude.

Forgiveness for self and others to become abundant. Integrating the forgiveness in everyday actions ~ by tapping, and Huna (Ho`openopeno) Pushpa Bansal is certified L2 Huna practitioner and she can perform this forgiveness process with others. Ho`openopeno also helps you to clear the counter intentions (also known as secondary gains, and asking for something to manifest in a particular way).

How to chisel away the mountain of ‘Limiting Beliefs’ or how to erase the ‘Writing On The Wall’. (These are your limiting beliefs that you acquire from birth to 7/9 years of age. Some of them come from your parents, religious community, stereo typed community and peers and some you develop from your experiences.)

How to fill the new space (emptied by letting go of limiting beliefs) with positive S.M.A.R.T. goals. Stepping into the future and letting go of the attachment to the result in a particular fashion.

... and much more!

Why take a Group Coaching Program?

  • Learning this on your own through free sources is generic
  • A group community provides you with not only accountability but a chance to build relationships and networking opportunities.
  • You can tap into people resources to take action and get things done.
  • Sharing successes and being "in community" helps raise your energy and allows "borrowing benefits" from someone else's raised energy.
  • You get access to a coach
  • Focused sessions that allow you to work on your own specific issues.

PLUS get Special "BY INVITATION ONLY" access to Matrix Tapper VIP Day Events where we get together as a community, meet in person, learn and grow together for a day.

Your Manifesting Abundance Group Coaching Program includes: 

  • Access to live group coaching and tapping sessions from the comfort of home (online)
  • 24/7/365 access to all session recordings sequentially
  • Coaching in the basic use of EFT, NLP, Huna and other self-supporting tools
  • Email Connection with Coach where you can Suggest Topics/Issues to tap on for upcoming sessions
  • Private email invites and reminders live calls with access link.
  • 6-7 hours of information, coaching and tapping each month!
  • Special invites to Live VIP Days
  • 8 week live program (access recordings anytime)
  • Access Live Q & A Call on March 28th

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Manifesting Abundance Group Coaching Program

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