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Re-program Your Automatic Responses and start living the success driven life


You may have hear the saying, "Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome."

Satisfaction is a journey too, and it can be felt instantly. Are you seeking a success path in your life?

As a young prince Siddhartha, 'Buddha was not satisfied with his life of luxury and abundance, he had a kingdom to rule, a beautiful wife and a young son BUT it was not enough for him and his dissatisfaction grew'. After many years of hard meditation and refraining from the joys of life, he recognized that the satisfaction was, "The source of happiness
that lies within."

When our minds are at ease, when our outlook is positive (yet also realistic), when our thoughts are turned with kindness toward others, we experience a happiness that supports us with strength and courage no matter what difficulties we face.

If we want to be happy, then as Buddha has said, "we need to tame our minds". These teachings have been valid since Buddha’s time, nearly 500 BCE years.

Even though, most of us know his teachings, it’s hard for us to put it to practice.


Modern day brain science pinpoints the specific brain network responsible for generating the sea of spinning thoughts, mind chatter and chronic emotional grind that defines our DISSATISFACTION & STRESS LEVELS.

Learning and applying Neuro linguistic Programing (NLP) will help you to deactivate this brain network. It will automatically relieve your chronic stress and dissatisfaction and change your life forever.

Research suggests that this ocean of persistant brain commotion is the root cause of dissatisfaction. Many horrendous psychological conditions, including chronic stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, addiction etc., are because of this.

It has been proven that 'the neurons that fire together wire together.' Nobel Prize winner neuroscientist Dr. Thomas Sudhof discovered synaptic transmission–how brain cells communicate via chemicals.

More and more of these thought processes keep us in this vicious circle. Your mind and body are out of whack because of an overactive decision-making network of neurons. The good news is, “It’s not your fault!”

However, it’s only YOU who can to reverse it.

The unique NLP techniques such as ‘Anchoring, Sub-modality change, linguistic patterns, strategies and value elicitation etc.’ can deactivate these negative thoughts, allowing the peace of mind, clarity of thought, grounded emotions and a calm way of being resulting in a natural default state. This is a physiological certainty that has been documented via MRI scans.

You can learn these techniques to begin bringing success and satisfaction in your life.

The next NLP Workshop is happening soon where you can learn exactly how to bypass the automated state we find ourself in that reacts to situations, information and communication, and our environment in the same way, breaking the patterns and moving your forward towards success.

Check out the Workshop information below or click here for full event details.


Pushpa is an intuitive Energy Shift Master, with NLP Master Trainer, EFT-Matrix Energetics and Meta Health expertise; she assists spiritual Women Entrepreneurs in creating a life that is Happy, Abundant, and Meaningful... Her unique approach to goal achievement blends practical, spiritual and energy healing shifts resulting in powerful transformations, their breakups change into breakthroughs and a visceral lightness of ‘being’, a true freedom occurs. By accessing her client's Akashic Records, she gives them their soul's blueprint and takes their attention to the exact pain point and helps them heal the trauma. Her clients call working with her, "Life Changing."

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