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Are you tired of struggling and wondering when success will happen for you?

Communication is one of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of your success, whether you realize it or not.  If you learn how to become a better communicator, you can be, do or have anything you want. 

 Every day we speak and hear phrases that we unconsciously process at lightening fast speeds. Our unconscious mind handles this information and quickly deciphers it.  When we understand some of the language patterns and how they are used in our daily speech, we can begin to consciously utilize specific skills to communicate more effectively, in a way that leads to success and empowerment in all areas of life.  

In this article, Pushpa address one of these patterns called "Presuppositions" and how you can subtilely use it to direct a conversation in a way you desire.

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Are you feeling stuck?

Are your circumstances and obstacles holding you back?


 ....  REALLY???

When you want to change your state from being overwhelmed and stuck, it’s not a mental state ~ it’s actually a state in your body.

When people think they are stuck; they have a "hedgehog mentality". Their thoughts are circular and they are thinking the same thing over and over again.  Our body behaviour is an expression of these thoughts.  Read more ›

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We all have many ups and downs in life, the  important thing is not ‘how many ups and downs’ we have, instead ‘how we succeeded in overcoming obstacles while trying to succeed.’

Even many successful people struggle with those parts of their lives that just don’t seem to fall into line. 

First, you need to understand

what success means to you,

what is your version of success, AND  most importantly,

what is your ultimate vision of success? 

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How to bring success to the most important areas of your life.

What is the most important thing in your life?

Love and Relationships?
Health and Fitness?
Personal Growth?
All of the Above?

This question always ends up in answering the ‘all of the above’.

If you are experiencing issues in one or more areas of your life, most often there is one KEY factor that will get you on track. Read more ›

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How can an Akashic Reading help you?

Akashic Records (A.R.) was made popular by Edgar Cayce in the west. However, this is not new for the followers of eastern philosophy, and spirituality.

The basic premise behind it is, that your 'soul never dies' and whatever deeds we carry out in our life times are written in indelible ink in the 'Ether' or 'Akasha.' It's a "sanskrit" word meaning 'the sky' which is, within us, and around us. It is like a huge library or a database of records of our journey so far. It is the connection with the universal mind (consciousness) and from this state comes the A.R. readings.

Think of an A.R. reading as a detailed movie of your spiritual lifetime. It contains every thought, action, desire, and experience that has existed for your soul since time began. It is the imprint of your existence in spiritual form that documents your history, progression, gifts, and purpose. It is your spiritual energetic library or database that exists on a plane, that we can tap into, when we become aware of it. This plane called “ether or Akash” is where these imprints are recorded and stored for all eternity. Read more ›

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