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How personal change can lead you on the path of success

For personal change, NLP trainer Robert Dilts uses a series of what he calls ‘neurological levels’ that have been widely adopted in NLP thinking. They are very useful for building rapport and personal change.

The first level is environment – (where and when)

The environment is the place we are in and the people we are with. You have probably heard people say they were in the, “in the right place at the right time.” They are attributing their success to the right environment.

The second level is behaviour (The what)

This is the level of our specific conscious action. In NLP, behaviour includes thoughts as well as action (what we do). Because, what we do is not random, our behaviour is designed to achieve a purpose. We may want to change our behaviour such as stop smoking or losing our temper, but sometimes, unwanted behaviour is difficult to change.

The third level is capability (The how)

This is the level of skill. The behaviour, we have practiced so far, has become consistent, automatic and often habitual. They can come in the form of thinking strategies, physical skills or a combination. You may have consciously learned skills such as sports, mathematics or playing a musical instrument. When someone describes them as ‘fluke’ or ‘one off’, they are thinking of consistent repetition, so it’s not yet a capability.

The fourth level is beliefs and values (the why)

This is the level of what we believe is true and what is important to us. Beliefs and values direct our lives to a considerable extent, acting both as permission and prohibition. That is why when someone wants to do something which they know will be objected by authority, they say, “It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.” Sometimes you would like to develop some skills, but think you can’t...

As long as you think you can’t, you won’t!

The fifth level is identity (The who)

You may have heard someone say, “I’m just NOT that type of person.” That is an identity statement. Identity is the sense of yourself, your core beliefs and values that define who you are and your purpose in life. Your identity is very resilient, although you can build, develop and change it.

Finally the sixth level is the spiritual world

This is your connection to others and to that, which is more than your identity.

With all the purposeful, focused processes in NLP, It utilizes a behaviourist psychology...

For every action there is a reaction;
Where there is a stimulus, there is a response;
There is always interaction between environment and your behaviour;

...and the value based psychology ...

and self-actualization.

The step-by-step procedures to make excellence are easily learnable – Create the best YOU! Check out our upcoming events (also see below) for NLP events in Ontario where you can learn all the skills required for personal change and success in all areas of life.

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Pushpa is an intuitive Energy Shift Master, with NLP Master Trainer, EFT-Matrix Energetics and Meta Health expertise; she assists spiritual Women Entrepreneurs in creating a life that is Happy, Abundant, and Meaningful... Her unique approach to goal achievement blends practical, spiritual and energy healing shifts resulting in powerful transformations, their breakups change into breakthroughs and a visceral lightness of ‘being’, a true freedom occurs. By accessing her client's Akashic Records, she gives them their soul's blueprint and takes their attention to the exact pain point and helps them heal the trauma. Her clients call working with her, "Life Changing."

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