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Stress and Anxiety – Flight or Fight?

One of the biological responses we have is, “fight or flight” response.  Whilst we were living in caves and a wild animal might be attack us, these responses were needed.  We had to gear our bodies to run, in order

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Does everyone needs a BREAKTHROUGH?

Yes!!! Absolutely…. Think of this analogy… Just like a plastic surgeon, when you want your nose to be straighter, shorter, slimmer, reshaped, the surgeon will first break the nose and then fix it. We are the sum total of our

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Rewrite your Unconscious

Changing Your perception will change your present! I have been a student of metaphysics and healing arts for the past 20 years; learning how to the create Mind ~ Body ~ Balance… I practiced the physical wellbeing enhanced with essential

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The 3 requisites for successful change

I hope to be ———- when I grow up!!! How many times we have heard ourselves saying this? I hope to be a pilot or an astronaut or a dancer when I grow up, and often times we fail to

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Living Pain Free

Does this sound like you? “I’m always tired—it doesn’t matter how long I sleep!” “I can’t catch up on everything I need to do.” “I’m always feeling down in the dumps.” “My whole body hurts! If it’s not my back,

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