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How can an Akashic Reading help you?

Akashic Records (A.R.) was made popular by Edgar Cayce in the west. However, this is not new for the followers of eastern philosophy, and spirituality. The basic premise behind it is, that your ‘soul never dies’ and whatever deeds we

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How can I access my own Akashic Records?

Where does the guidance come from? December 21st is the winter Solstice.  We experience the longest night and move into winter, a time to move inward, reflect, rest, and recuperate.  This is mostly the time when we start reflecting and

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More to Life then Living

I’m very fortunate. Nearly 21 years ago I went through a deep, deep personal trauma that opened up my true purpose in life. I realized that, “There is more to life than just living; if I could help just one

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Why am I here? What am I meant to do?

Know that In every moment we have Akashic energy, also called Prana/Chi/Qi, flowing through us providing ALL the raw materials we need to manifest our life. Akashics Breakthrough – Find your Purpose! The initial introduction of Akashic Records to most

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Does everyone needs a BREAKTHROUGH?

Yes!!! Absolutely…. Think of this analogy… Just like a plastic surgeon, when you want your nose to be straighter, shorter, slimmer, reshaped, the surgeon will first break the nose and then fix it. We are the sum total of our

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