Pushpa Bansal



Advanced Clearing Energetics (ACE for short) is a brand new set of alternative coaching strategies that allows a Practitioner to work with a client to open up the system, find the root cause of an issue, and begin the process of clearing out the unresolved energy that is lodged in the affected area of the body. The ability to clear this energy assists the body to begin a healing pattern and return its way back to a normal rhythm of wellness. It works with any modality like EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, NLP and META-Health to assist in speeding up the process and helping you to gain incredible results.

ACE techniques were developed by Richard Flook, a highly sought after health coach, integrative health coach trainer, speaker and Author of the book "Why Am I Sick". His research, along with collaborative efforts of incredible experts in various health fields, guided Richard to once and for all understand Why people get sick, experience chronic pain, face psychological health issues and terrible life threatening disease. His work with ACE is revolutionizing the way that Practitioner are able to work with clients and how clients are able to heal themselves quickly and with incredible results.

ACE works whether a client shares out loud or thinks quietly about the issues that surface in their mind, while working with the Practitioner. It allows the practitioner to "stay out of the detailed drama" that comes up for a client and to focus on that energy as a whole ... and then clear it out. This is a revolutionary technique that allows a client to work on some of the most difficult issues of their past (the stuff you never talked about to anyone) without having to actually speak it out loud.

"ACE is the therapy for the 21st Century." - Timothy Ryan Ph D