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"Akashic Records" are new buzz words.

For eons Indians have lived with the simplicity of knowing that soul never dies, and all of its incarnate endeavours (Good or bad) are in their Akash. 

Akash is a Sanskrit word and which means - SKY or आकाश !  (The all-pervading field)  Growing up in India, I simply observed that, “It’s where all our karma (Deeds) good or bad and all our Dharma (our goodness, truth and duty) are written in the ‘ether’ (stuff that is known to modern science as the space between the particles) in which, the records of past events are imprinted, and the future events are available as infinite possibilities and choices.” 

In Astrology there are four physical elements - Water, Air, Fire & Earth to describe the material Universe. The 12 Astrological signs are based on these elements and have the quality of one of the four elements.

But ‘ether’ or ‘Akash’, the fifth element, it describes the Spirit that exists beyond matter. It is the space out of which all material objects spring forth.  ‘Ether’ is a subtle sea of energies that stores everything that has ever occurred throughout all of Creation.

akashicreadingsSimply stated, Akashic Records are the database of a soul’s journey on earth & other stars and is accessible for consultation i.e., one can enquire, “What is my purpose in this life time?”  It is also known as the ‘Universal Mind’ & available to all of us.  Because of the vibration of Akasha is so light, sensitive and of exquisite fineness, that the slightest vibrations of ‘ether’ at any place in the Universe registers an indelible impression on it...affected by the energy of our thoughts and emotions in this life time. 

Every soul’s Akashic Records are contained in Universal Mind/Consciousness and we can open our own records and gain insight, guidance and understanding in our current situations.  We are here to create Self knowledge by getting to know ourselves in contrast to other people, How can we know ourselves unless we also know who we are not! Our souls are sparks of the Divine, and because we are the ‘spark’ (Spark is our spirit - having a human experience) of our own soul we, too, are Divine.

Feelings or Beliefs of powerlessness or unworthiness are primary motivators of a soul’s decision to plan experiences that will mirror these aspects of self during this lifetime. Such feelings and beliefs are largely subconscious but as life reflects them to us, they trickle into the light of conscious awareness. Having this understanding that, we have been running the same theme in our past lives; and that this time the life’s blueprint has perhaps different players and challenges that are propelling us towards the same motivators; IS the most powerful healing within our own Akashic Records.

Healing in Akashic records brings spiritual awakening, empowerment, self worth & abundance.

It helps us let go of this powerlessness and the old patterns, and new empowerment emerges. And, since none of us are vibrationally alike; we each have our unique energetic blueprint, our own spiritual DNA, we are like spiritual Snowflakes.   And, we make informed choices that are aligned to our divine nature.

Through Akashic Records we discover & understand how we have created our present-life circumstances through our past choices. Our soul always wants to redeem and achieve the highest vibration of love. A very powerful question to ask is, “If I planned this experience before I was born, why would I have done that?”

This is the empowerment, this is the expansion: to extract from the experience all the learning and expansion of consciousness. This growth is all there is!

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