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Are you overworked and tense? Do you find it impossible to relax even in bed at night? Are you overweight yet lack the will or power to loose weight? Do you find sometimes unable to cope with the dash and tumult of every day life? Are you irritable, worried and nervous? Are you plagued by indigestion, and other stress symptoms? Or do you simply seek something you know not what, but it goes above and beyond the superficial level of your everyday thinking?

Breakthrough awaits you.

Clear Your Pain

Reclaim Your Health.

Discover the root cause behind your pain symptoms and clear out health issues which have been plagued you for weeks, months or years. Release yourself from pain restore your health.

Clear out any blocks created by past events that placed stress on your body and start living pain free.

Discover your passion and find your hidden potential. Join Pushpa Bansal for one of her upcoming transformational trainings or workshops.

Whether you want to manifest the life you always wanted, reshape your future, optimize your life or assist other's to do the same; the systems and strategies you will learn in her workshops and trainings will equip you and transform you, personally and professionally.

Trainings, Workshops and Upcoming Events

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Re-write Your Past, Live Your Present and Custom Design Your Future.

Decide today that you will live life differently.

Free yourself from stress, pain, trauma and the limitations holding you back from the life you desire.

Overcome your obstacles and begin to live your best life now.

Discover your hidden potential, reclaim your health and connect with your divine purpose.

Whichever path you choose to take to transform your life, let the journey begin today. You're not alone.

Discover the Best Version of Yourself...


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About Pushpa

20 years ago, I felt helpless when a tragic moment occurred in my life. My dear husband passed away within 6 weeks of a diagnosis. My purpose in life changed and I realized there had to be answers to explain why this happened. If I could help even one person take control of their pain, stress and trauma, and help them to restore their health, it would be a tribute to him.

In my quest for the answers, I sold my thriving business, went back to school and achieved a Honours Degree in Computing and Masters Degree in Education. I became a teacher in one of the top ten, most prestigious colleges in England. I searched, found, learned and excelled in amazing energy shift techniques such as EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, META Health, NLP, Huna and other energy healing arts. I’ve been where you are, I had many questions and learned many lessons. One of the most profound lessons being that, we create our own reality. Our inner reality, our thoughts, shape our outer reality. Every day I am mindful of my thoughts and focus on my main purpose: to help transform and empower, helping others achieve equilibrium and happiness.
I am devoted to working with others learn the tools and protocols for empowerment and creating the reality they desire. I employ EFT, NLP and Meta Health to create and guide my clients through practical, easy-to-learn, and empowering routines so that they can live pain-free, stress-free and let go of traumas and limiting beliefs.

What People Are Saying...


My work with Pushpa required for me to get to a place in my life that I could feel safe,  self confident, powerful and independent.  The quality of time spent together exceeded my expectations and was carried out in a very professional manner. The outcome I received was above and beyond my expectations. The service and personal attention received was extraordinary

Breakthrough Sessions

"My EFT sessions with Pushpa have been very worthwhile. I have discovered emotions that have been holding me back unknowingly. Emotional and mental health are just as important as physical health but I think we all focus on the physical. We visit eye doctors, dentists and family doctors regularly but who is our doctor for our emotions? Why do we not have this as well? I have found mine in Pushpa Bansal. Since starting my sessions for headache/migraine, I have noticed lately that when a small headache is coming on I can acknowledge the pain and it soon dissolves! Before when this happened, there was no way to stop it.

Pushpa uses knowledge from psychology, medicine, physiology, aromatherapy and intuition and blends these in a way that is meaningful and works for the patient. Sessions are professionally done with recordings to help for home use. "

Allison Hanak RGD

Clearing session

Carolyn had been writing a book and placed it on hold because of issues with family and whether to write a biography. She worked with Pushpa on a few past issues that inspired her to start writing her book again as a novel. The exact point she stopped writing was the exact issue that needed help with healing.

Listen to Carolyn’s Story of her work with Pushpa….

Carolyn Shannon
Author, Educator & Intuitive Counsellor, Laughter Yoga Leader, Certified Life Coach

Clearing Session

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